Itinerary Vienna

I start on June 7, 1996


Here is my first short stop: 5 hours layover - I can't wait!!!


June 8 until June 12


June 12 until June 16


June 16 until June 19

Alice Springs

June 19 until June 24


In Cairns my "Tour de Force" begins. With a rented car I will drive down the East Coast. I have until July 20 to go through the following cities:





Nothing is set in stone yet. This might well become the adventurous part of my trip. Stay tuned for the updates from there.


While I am in Melbourne I also want to visit Tasmania for a couple of days.

New Zealand

From Melbourne I want to fly to New Zealand and spend several days there.

Well, it became my adventurous part of the tour. First I had to discover there was no way in hell I would be able to go through all of these cities and places in the amount of time I had available. Thus I was only able to go to Sydney and fly out from there.

My actual itinerary looked like that:


to Airlie Beach (Whitsunday Islands)

to Hervey Bay (gateway to Fraser Island)

to Brisbane

to the Goldcoast

to Byron Bay (including Nimbim - watch out for this update!)

to Sydney


This is the next definite stop: July 20 until July 25

Los Angeles

In LA I take another rented car and drive up Highway No. 1 to San Francisco. On August 1 I will complete my journey and fly back to London and on to Vienna.

After 57 days on the road I hope to arrive safely back in my home town

with no money left in my bank account

but hopefully a beautiful memory of a digital journey around our globe.

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