Entry 7:Day 21 to 24

Sailing in the Whitsunday Island - Great Barrier Reef

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Have you ever...

...been on a boat for three days with 13 other people that you did not know at all when you started?
...experienced the pristine wild life of the sea?
...seen a young dolphin come up to your boat, jumping up and down, swimming around the boat just to say "hello"?
...seen a wild turtle stick its head out of the water to breath and then vanish again for hours?
...seen a mantarey (probably not the correct spelling) with a wing span of 2 meters?
...chased a stingray on the beach without knowing that it is one and that it could actually harm you when you are not careful enough?
...scuba dived at the Great Barrier Reef, seeing colorful fish that you have only seen in fish tanks before?
...seen batfish (big, round, flat fish) come up to the boat, then being fed from hand, and lifted out of the water by hand (and returned of course)?
...woken up on deck of a ship to a sunrise?
...been to a white sand beach that you normally just see on TV or in movies?
...snorkeled in the open sea and seen more fish and bigger coral reefs than ever before?
...asked yourself why I am asking all those stupid questions?
...seen the sunset on the open sea from a yacht?
...been drunk on a boat with 13 people that you knew by then?
...sailed by one of the three most expensive resorts in the entire world and seen nothing of the wealthy at all, unfortunately?
...seen a family of dolphins swim by?
...not been threaten by sharks? (don't worry, I don't get that question myself???)
...had gourmet food on a 55 feet yacht?
...been bitten by sea lies?
...looked for beautiful corals on a coral beach of the Great Barrier Reef?
...asked yourself why sandbanks are called sandbanks?
...asked yourself when will I stop with this nonsense?

Yes? Well, then if you answered "NO" to more than three of the above questions anyway, you are ripe for a vacation on Airlie Beach where you should take a three day trip with a 55 feet yacht to sail around the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. The amazing thing about it is not only the wildlife and boatlife you experience but also the price you get this trip for. The three days, including room (on the yacht) and board (gourmet food!), a one day scuba diving trip, and all the fun you can have, costs not more than A$ 275 (equivalent to roughly USD 235). A must for every Australian vacationer. Last but not least: book it with PROSAIL!

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