Entry 6:Day 17 to 20

Alice to Cairns and onto Airlie Beach

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I used the last four days to relax, travel, travel again, and relax again. On Day 17, Sunday June 23, I slept in, got some food, watched "The Cable Guy" with Jim Carrey in an afternoon show (quite funny but Carrey is loosing his appeal!), got more food (all you can eat at Pizza Hut - first time and hopefully last time that I will eat in a fast food chain), got hammered (not too bad), and went to bed.
On Monday, I finally bought myself a Didgeridoo. You don't know what that is? Well, until a couple of days ago, I didn't know either. It is the music instrument of the aboriginals. It makes a very interesting sound - very hard to describe. It looks like and actually is a one meter long piece of wood which inner softer core was eaten by termites. Thus it has a hole on both ends. By blowing into the upper end you are able to make some sounds - well, I'm not right now because I have no clue how to do it but I got a little book and a CD and in Vienna I will be rocking. The shop ships it back home and insures it - at their costs - customer service at its best. In the afternoon I flew via Ayers Rock to Cairns.

Cairns is one big party. I met a couple of British fellas who showed me around a little bit. But because I realized that I have an even bigger tour ahead of me, I decided to get my car and start driving down the East Coast.

On Tuesday I thus drove 700km to Airlie Beach. Quite exhausting, actually. On the way I stopped at a animal sanctuary near Townsville. It is arguably one of the best zoos or sanctuaries I have ever seen. Animals are running around wild and you are close to all, even dangerous, animals all the time. I saw Kangoroos (one meter away, running, rather jumping around freely), huge crocs (I was not too impressed because I saw them wild, remember?), and the ever so cute Koala bears. Besides those, there were Emus, Dingos ("A dingo ate ma baby"), etc. Definitely worth visiting.

After about ten hours I arrived in Airlie Beach which is the main port to see the Whitsunday, tropical islands just next to the Great Barrier Reef.

Today it's Wednesday. And I'm catching up with my diary and relax for a four day sailing trip through the Whitsunday Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

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