Entry 11: Day 38

On the road

This entry is just a short apology. Except for entry No. 1, all entries were missing their pictures. I now uploaded all pictures. If you are still interested in them, please go back and view them now - some of the pictures are well worth it.

Thanx for your patience and thanx for your continuos support. I got several emails from friends telling me that they follow my trip closely and also reminding me of missing, inconsistent, or faulty entries. Thanx for your interest. I hope you are still tuning in every once in a while and you are still having as much fun as I do putting these pages together. Finally please overlook the grammatical, spelling, and other mistakes I made and will make during the course of my diary - it's not a book (yet - probably never will be) and I don't spend hours on the entries. They are just notes of what happened and they try to recount my adventures - sometimes funny, sometimes stupid, always human (I know that sounded very tacky but what the hell.....)

I wish it would be easier to get on the Internet. But unfortunately some motels don't have phones and all of the backpacker resorts I stayed in don't have much luxury in the rooms (no phones, no TV, sometimes refrigerators) at all. But that is the only way I can keep my budget. So please bear with me and I will keep delivering interesting reports and stunning photos (I don't even know if they are stunning now but let's just assume they are).

Today it's Sunday, July 14. And I'm only 550 km north of Sydney in Coffs Harbor.

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