Entry 14:Day 49 to 50

Pacific Coast Highway No.1 - California

Bold words point at a picture on this page

Finally, I know it. My name is Joerg and I am an email addict! How I found out? Well, while I was on the road, I missed going on the net or the web, sometimes I was so pissed I could not even enjoy the scenery. But yesterday, when I was finally able to access my email and upload my latest entries, I was so excited to see and read my email, I almost wet myself. If you have similar feelings, please contact EA (Emailers Anonymous) at 1-800-EMAIL-ME or write an email to "addicted.and.proud.of.it@ea.net".

No pictures or story today - just wanted to let you know that all pictures and stories of the past 7 weeks are now online and there for you to read. Have fun and ENJOY!

By the way, I apologize for a small mishap: I forgot to put words in bold that point to pictures in entry 5 to 11. Sorry about that! But I'm not going back and changing it - sorry about that too.

Today, it's Friday, July 26. And it seems as if I'm putting my dream on hold: I might go to Yosemite National Park to meet up with some friends from business school.
Stay tuned.

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